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: You can add me anytime dude, but I mostly play from 9-12 am
iJulians (LATN)
: sure bro, add me and later we can play if ya want <3 :D{{summoner:31}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Sterbën (LATN)
: Hi dude, you can add me and I can teach you a little bit about the game and Spanish
Pejelo (LATN)
: Well, Welcome to LAN if someone doesn't said it. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Thank you glad to be here and you are the first!
2N2221 (LATN)
: I'm banned till wednesday.
Wednesday then!
: Este señor esta trolleando , no habla ingles nativo jajaja, tiene muchos errores gramaticales.
Haha bad grammar and spelling issues are not grounds for trolling. I'm definitely native English. Come play and we can chat sometime. Thanks
Predareaper (LATN)
: Have to say your name caused me a giggle, ill say if you asked in-game some people might answer but many take it as if you're being cocky. If you don't mind playing with someone that's a littleeeee bit intolerant ill inv you later. Best of luck in learning too.
si just dont abuse me too much.. TY I look forward to the invite
foot (LATN)
: English Speaking Players
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